where does time go?..........

Not sure where time goes, but there is someone out there stealing it!  The week has gone so quickly and once again lots to do that didn't get done, just means next week will be twice as busy now.

Have done some crafting this week with my lovely sister, Una, who is here on hols from Ireland.  Spent 4 hours yesterday making up packs for workshop I'll be holding at Poppy Craft in Sheerness on 11th August and had just finished when I got a call to say that workshop was sold out and another one booked and that was sold out too, another 10 packs to make up for next week - joy of joys!!

Una spent some time making cards and she excelled herself in my eyes, she doesn't craft very ofter to it means her makes are even more special, a few of her pics below, she's got the flower bug too and has had fun with Craftwork Cards templates, even making a special mug card for Frank's upcoming birthday...

a lovely corner book mark

and a few of mine below

will post some more next week, running out of time as are off to Kent for a few days and have to make the Blackwall Tunnel before the Olympic traffic.  Couldn't resist the next pic though, out little Molly who slept beside me last night as v dodgy leg could only cope with sleeping in the chair!

hugs xxx

First post on new blog......x

Well, here I am again.  Hope now that my blog is nice and tidy and looking all new and sparkly I will get to blog more often. This will be a long one as I have lots of catching up to do!!

The past few weeks have been a bit chaotic, nothing new in my life - eh!!  Crafting wise I have been busy, have submitted my first assignment as a designer for Craftwork Cards and also spent quite some time making tons and tons of flowers and some jewellery for CWC stand at CHA in the US, did lots of sample cards and their recipes and lots of candi flowers, jewellery and bits and pieces for Julies show on QVC a couple of weeks ago and in the middle of all of it have had our dining room revamped totally and made into my new office/craft room.

a little of the QVC makes, alas forgot to take pics before sending to Julie

flowers for CHA

I've clear embossed some flowers and added lots of denim die cut flowers to make a brooch (don't ditch your old jeans!!), the two rings are made in the same way with some ring mounts added and centres with a pearl and glass and diamante flower - now in US at CHA.......

The dining room makeover was v v stressful as it happened very fast.  On Sunday Frank and I sat in the sunshine (about the only hot Sunday we have had! - lol!) with out builder friend Andrew while I told him about my dream of one day having a 'real' craft room - Andrew said he might have some time between jobs and that he would come and get started.  Being disabled I wasn't too keen on a job started and left, its too difficult for me to get around,  so said we would wait.  However, 2 days later Andrew called to say he was on his way to start and start he did! 

For 4 long days the chaos ensued, everything from the dining room and all my craft stuff (there's a lot!) was in the hall and guest bedroom as as Frank was working and I can't lift or move anything, Andrew did the lot but without any order.  It was all worth it though and it is starting to look soooo lovely, hopefully by next week I will be able to post some pics of the finished project.  My lovely sister, Una, has come over from Ireland for a couple of weeks and she has promised that next week I can direct her from my chair and she will fill up all the lovely new shelves, one whole wall of them, and it will hopefully then be ready for a couple of photos.  Here's one of the chaos......
and that's not the worst!!

All this chaos is now a thing of the past and the stress is ebbing very slowly!! 

We also had a friends 80th birthday party which was a lovely garden party,  the sun did shine and Pam (the birthday girl) had a great day. I was charged with making the cake and about 4 doz scones with jam and clotted cream, and then at the last minute a request for cheese straws!!  It was all a labour of love and a great day was had by all including myself, I don't do parties much any more as I hate being parked in a wheelchair and not being able to circulate like one normally does at a party but I really enjoyed myself and we were still sitting out at 9.30 that night!
little pic of cake and card.....

and a scone or 2....

We have been spending lots of time at out little holiday home in Kent and taking full advantage of every time the sun has deigned to creep out from behind the clouds, we have had it made disabled friendly last year so its a bit like having a new house with everything bright and new and lovely, I just love it cause I have a lovely big table in the garden where I can sit and craft.  I also discovered a lovely craft shop in the local town, Poppy Crafts, and am going to be teaching two workshops there in early August using lovely goodies from Craftwork Cards Sweet Pea range, everyone will be making 2 gift bags and some little cards.......
 our new lounge & my darling Frank!!

Poppy Crafts demo area...

I know I've been rambling on a bit here but just trying to cover a bit of what I've been doing in between hospital appts, pain management sessions and LIFE in general.  Have also had blog makeover, new business card and banner for Folksy shop,  still to change name on Folksy shop, apply new banner and load some more cards, this is work in progress as we are off to Kent for a couple of weeks over Olympics as we are in the thick of it and won't be able to do much so its better to be away from London.

I'm sure I' e left out lots but thats all I'm fit for tonight!!  Teaching my lovely sis to make a cross over card tomorrow for her friends special birthday so another day in the craft room planned, also making a card for our darling Dad who has been suffering badly with his shoulder so we think a card might cheer him up, especially if we have made it for him.

Night, night for now--- be back soon, promise!