Was so busy last week doing some pieces for Craft company exhibiting in US this week so cards have taken a back seat.  Have done a few yesterday so here goes ......... enjoy

lots of Martha Stewart fine silver glitter, flowers made from Cradtwork Cards 'candi' with a glass pearl for the centre.

just realised that I haven't uploaded pics from camera so will post some more tomorrow

Mars x

all u need is love x!

have been making valentine cards today, not entirely happy that I have crafted 'the one' yet, that's the trouble with being so fussy and persnickety about things!  I'm rarely 100% happy with anything I do! Anyway off to stamp inside message now.  Have discovered lovely stamps from US called 'my favourite things', I'm not a stamper but think I could get into it using these stamps, they are easy to use and the outline is lovely and crisp and clean which makes cards look so professional.  The inside reads "you hold the key to my heart"  ah!!

Mars x

A few pics!

made a few cards this afternoon - v random

this one is from last week
for Uncle John's 70th Birthday, not v good at doing cards for men but he loves nature so thought little birds might make him smile - they did, he loved it!! x

a very simple birthday
baby boy xx
for a sweet baby girl xx

                                 elements from my favourite Craftwork Cards with glossed up candi xx
                                                    simply best wishes for any occassion xx

Love is in the air xxx

Hello again!

have been asked to make some cards for a magazine spread/feature for valentines day.  Its's one of the big multinationals so if they decide to go with what I make it could help towards making a loved hobby more of a job which I need.  I really  miss work since the accident and even though crafting is so far removed from what I did before it would be so great to make a living from something that I am so passionate about.  Have done a few cards but haven't found the few yet to send so am still making.  I'm so fussy about detail, sometimes its not a good thing but I want everything to be more than perfect so I have to keep going until I'm happy!

A few samples of my designs and also some using great new stamp from US by company called 'my favourite things', I'm not really a stamper but these are so crisp and professional that I've loved using.

Holly Cottage update

Those of you who know us know that our little holiday hideaway in Kent is what keeps us sane, especially since our accident nearly 4 years ago which changed life totally.  We have been doing some work (not us, just the organising and project managing!) to make it a comfortable as possible and as disabled friendly as possible and we are now getting towards the end of the road and we are soooooo pleased and excited.  Our new bed (the old leg needs a bit more room now) arrives early in Feb and then it will all be complete and ready for lots of good times, laughter and happy meals shared with family and good friends.

A couple of pics of the near finished article!


Roll on the sunshine and Summer xxxx

Good Luck Julie & Amy!

Good Luck Julie xx

Good Luck Amy xxx
Hi to my fav crafting experts Julie & Amy who will be presenting QVC's TSV on lots of shows from 12 midnight tonight. Two ladies who I always enjoy watching, make the shows so entertaining, provide fantastic tips and remain sooo professional throughout.   Have made a couple of cards which should have been sent to QVC in time for tonight but unfortunately life took over and last week didn't happen as hoped, c'est la vie!!

Anyway my diary is cleared (don't worry Julie, your work won't be forgotten!!) and I will be watching every show and trying desprately not to spend what I can't afford!!

Good luck & big hugs, Mars xxx