Christmas Crazy Rush!

Maybe I'm just getting old but I seem to be constantly chasing my tail!  Its been an unbelievably hectic 7 days and still another 24 hrs to the big, planned for event. 

All the months of planning and preparing and choosing little gifts for everyone that mean something to them and just when I'm about to cross the finish line the unthinkable happens.   I was so looking forward to a visit from my good friend and her lovely 5 year old twin girls, thinking we'll relax and catch up, eat mince pies and have a little drop of gin, paint the girls nails and help them make cards for 'mummy', the unthinkable was a nasty dose of tonsillitis which really knocked me out.  No sniffles, no cough just the most awful sore throat and swollen glands and a temp of 40c. 

The visit was quieter than planned but a nice relax and two days on, the antibiotics are doing the trick and even though talking is still really painful I'm feeling more human and hope to be back in the swing of things tomorrow (miracles do happen).  The only bonus was that lovely hubby, Frank, made all the Christmas phone calls to family and friends tonight so that tomorrow night is total relax and unwind before the big day.  This was a first! but he felt so sorry for me he offered and I very quickly croaked 'yes please'!

Some food prep (quite a lot actually) tomorrow, a couple more bits to wrap and that's it all done and dusted!  lots of baking this week for other people but tomorrow is for us, mince pies and a tiramisu for Christmas day, some sausage rolls for tomorrow night and also cooking a large piece of gammon tomorrow which will be finished with a muscovado & mustard glaze. Also going to prep all the veg for Christmas day, sprouts (we love them!), I cook them with chorizzo and chestnuts, parsnips which will be roasted in goose fat with the potatoes and carrot & squash mashed with butter, cream and lots of black pepper.  The Christmas pudding and cake are made and our lovely friend Lisa provided a fab hamper of home made goodies including lovely chutney's, jams and my favourite chilly jam.  A lot for one day but its always a lovely day, we are sharing it with friends who are coming for the day with their beautiful little girl and another good friend and good neighbour are popping in so all in all it will be lovely.  We'll be skyping all the family in Ireland in the morning and thrn speaking to our grand sons to see what Santa brought, so exciting for thr little ones!

Hope everyone has a really lovely time and a great relax.  Happy & peaceful holidays!  Mars xxx

Here's a couple of pics of what I've been doing.............

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