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Hello again!

have been asked to make some cards for a magazine spread/feature for valentines day.  Its's one of the big multinationals so if they decide to go with what I make it could help towards making a loved hobby more of a job which I need.  I really  miss work since the accident and even though crafting is so far removed from what I did before it would be so great to make a living from something that I am so passionate about.  Have done a few cards but haven't found the few yet to send so am still making.  I'm so fussy about detail, sometimes its not a good thing but I want everything to be more than perfect so I have to keep going until I'm happy!

A few samples of my designs and also some using great new stamp from US by company called 'my favourite things', I'm not really a stamper but these are so crisp and professional that I've loved using.

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