Oh what a week!

What a week its been, Sunday again and it feels like its been a month and not a week since last Sunday, however onwards and upwards and lets hope this week will be a good one.  Lots to do too, I have a mountain of paper work to attack, lots of hospital appointments to sort out, appointments to attend and boring things like paying holiday home insurance and renewing TV license.  I do plan some fun crafting too though, have been asked to design and make some cards for a TV craft show and have to design and make some samples for a craft demo I'm doing in Suffolk on 15th October. 

I have some lovely ideas for cards, cupcake pics and decorations using Craftwork Cards fabulous Candi so hopefully I can put my ideas into practice and make things that I will be happy with, being a bit of a perfectionist can be a drawback when doing things for other people, it takes me twice as long as I keep redoing things!

A had a little bit of a baking blitz yesterday as my friend Katie came to spend the day with me.  Give Katie cake and she is happy forever, give her cake with chocolate and she absolutely glows.  In order to make her glow, and she surely did!, I made her a chocolate banana cake with rum soaked green sultanas, very yummy.  Its a recipe from Nigella and is the nicest banana cake I have ever eaten.

For my lovely friend Djamila I made some cranberry, almond and citrus biscotti, my own recipe, as she was having some special guests.  Unfortunately she hasn't been able to pop by to pick it up yet so the biscotti mountain is becoming more of a hill! Katie and myself had a couple of sneaky pieces yesterday and I had one this morning with a lovely large espresso....bliss!  Will post some pics later.

Watching the Great British Bake Off as I write this but will start crafting as soon as its over, love the show, second time watching this week, great for baking ideas. Programme over, TV off and off to the craft room for the afternoon, well a couple of hours at least, it is Sunday after all!! Back soon...........Mars x

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