Clear embossing with glitter

Hi folks

Have had a couple of requests for 'recipe' for glittered embossed flowers from yellow card I posted for Less is More Challenge

I very rarely emboss but had bought the clear, deep embossing powder on QVC recently so thought I'd use it for the challenge card.

Its easy to do and works, it was just a trial for me! I used white card to punch flower, coloured with ink pad and dipped in embossing pdr whilst still wet, heated and then dipped in glitter while still hot. When you heat it again the embossing melts and the glitter sinks in, I repeated a couple of times to get the overall effect. I used clear deep embossing pdr from QVC and Martha Stewart fine iridescent glitter. Even with all the glitter they are glass like & smooth to touch.  Have a go, might get a chance to do some more experimenting tomorrow, will post if I do!

Have fun!

Mars xxx

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  1. Beautiful card and love that flower and thank you for the explanation of the way you did it, make me think I should give it a go.