C.Rose and A.Daisy come for a visit to London

Another fab weekend with lots of relaxing and enjoying time with one of our very loveliest friends and her beautiful little girls.  No grown up crafting but the girls made some cards, about 6 each and learnt to stamp.  They were both surprisingly good at stamping and by the time they had finished their cards, were both real pros.  Being twins they have this fab little 'only us 2' conversation going on between themselves and at 7.30 this am, in the craft room with me with matching pink jamies and lots of bed head going on!, were discussing the merits of drier as opposed to too juicy stamps, the drier ones being better for inking around the edges!! and one telling the other that you must always wash your stamps before you put them away, advice passed on by myself who doesn't always practise what she preaches!!

Finished cards could definitely not be described as 'less is more' but I was really pleased that they picked up so much, stamping, sticking on a couple of paper layers, sticking half the contents of my scraps flowers and butterflies tin on the front but also inking around the edges, using foam pads and candi, stickles, pro markers and more......... watch out all you pro crfters out there, our  little Rosie Posie and Daisy Do (our little names for them) defo have the crafting flair,  here's the fruits of yesterday afternoon and dawn today!!

After baths and a very lazy breakfast today it was time for hair and nails, the 6 year olds that is!! Out came the nail polishes and crafting embellishments, you can't have your toenails done without a diamond or flower, you know.  Rosie Posie opted for a lovely sparkly lilac with daisy embellishment and Daisy Do went for fire engine red with green daisies, luckily they had bought their new and very trendy beaded sandals so they could show off the toes!

Twenty tiny toes!

All too soon it was time for mummy and girls to head for home, so our girls, their babies - Hannah and Billie the very trendily dressed 'build a bears' who get to travel extensively with their little mums, packed up Herbie (that's the car, everything has a name) and off they headed to stop off and buy new school shoes on the way home. 

We sat down for a little paper reading and a film, strangely neither happened as we both fell asleep.... A lovely time was had by all, lots of relaxing and Bec cooked us a beautiful Moroccan lamb tagine with honey, almonds and sultanas, one I will be replicating.  Tomorrow another week will happen, who knows what it will bring but we know on Saturday next its the grandchildren coming with mummy and daddy and a celebration of the eldest's 5th birthday.  Boys of 5 and 2, so me thinks all energies must be reserved for the making of a cake on Friday and an action packed Saturday.

How lucky we are ......

Mars xx

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  1. Ah, sounds like you had a fab time - and I love those cards and nails! x