Design Team Projects

today is the day! The projects I entered for the design team membership on Craftwork Cards are featured on their blog,

I made a card, in hot pinks and lime green and also a 'happy book' my version of a Smash Book. The book also had a box which I made and decorated so that it could be given as a gift.
Will post full details of both projects over the next few day for anyone who is interested, hand not up to too much typing today!

here are some pics............

card - cross over card with a label that slides inside for message, easel on back so it can stand.

stamped 'box' envelope in colours to match

lots of punched retro and candi flowers!
all pages are stamped with Craftwork Cards stamps
                                                               gift box for 'happy book'

Thanks for looking, promise to post details of all soon........

Mars xxx


  1. Hi Mars, hope your hand starts to get back into the swing of things soon. I love your mix of flowers on the front of you're 'happy book' , really stunning!

  2. ...beautiful submissions, full of colour & cheer & inspiration...Mel :)
    I'm a fellow Teamie, I was hoping everyone's blog would be highlighted next to our names so we could all say hi but alas not, sorry it's taken so long to find basic kit arrived this morning but no assignment yet :)