What a lovely Saturday!

Its been one of those lovely Saturdays where everything just glides along nicely and even the cat seems extra happy!  I watched my boy this am, the lovely James Martin on Saturday Kitchen, anyone who knows me knows he's 'MINE'!! even my darling Frank, I'm still grinning from the great news from Craftwork Cards yesterday and hopefully if my dodgy leg allows I'm taking a little trip out tomorrow.  Haven't been out of the house since early March as back and leg have been v bad and Frank has had an op on his foot so both of are click clacking around with waking sticks,  Molly cat is the only able bodied member of our little family at the moment!  Joking apart, I'm so looking forward to going out and we are hopefully going to spend the day at our holiday home, Holly Cottage.  We had lots of work done and it was only finished last month, to make it more disabled friendly for me, we haven't been there since February so it will be good to see everything finished, fingers crossed for a nice day and a gentle breeze off the sea. 

I've been in and out of the craft room all day, I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning of all my stash and at the same time making some cards and doing some Candi crafting, basically having a lovely crafty time.  I'm making lots of cards for a local community organisation, making cards and Candi bits and pieces for Julie for QVC show in a few weeks and making a few cards I can put on here as I can't show any of the CWC bits before the show airs and Julie has used them. I'm even considering entering a challenge if I can discover how to link back to the blog! Lol, I can use planning and analysis programmes and I find it hard to navigate around a blog!! Anyway I made a yellow flower card for less is more blog challenge so will try and give it a go.
have started to label ink pads!!

I didn't watch the football but could hear Frank's very loud whoops from the lounge when his beloved Chelsea scored, they won too so he made 'dinner', said it was too late to cook by the time all the postmortem commentary was over so we had smoked salmon on sourdough which was yummy and even better that it was made for me.  Now sitting with feet up and laptop, penning a line or two here before I tackle Mr Linky and the challenge!

Ok, signing off, hope tomorrow is just as nice (just noticed it's already tomorrow!).  Oh, one of the loveliest things about today was all the lovely messages from other new DT members, I hope its the start of a llovely 'crafty' future for us all.

Mars xx

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  1. Great cards, these challenges do become a bit addictive, you start trying to make your cards fit them. Have a great weekend, Holly Cottage sounds lovely!!
    Jo x