Candi Tutorial No. 5 - my Candi hydrangea.......

Morning Everyone!

Another Friday, it's July, the tennis is nearly over, and apart from the fact that it's Candi Club Friday tutorial time - all the weather gurus have promised us a weekend of sunshine, everything crossed that it happens and I will be a happy, happy Mars!

On to Candi now,  a very simple tutorial this week, with two very simple cards to show off my pink hydrangeas (and paper downloads, can't believe how easy it is to have your favourite papers at your fingertips , I have used Blossom  and Moorish -  See here

Just a couple of easy steps to this flower, I did find though that it was a little bit hard on my hands and arm, lol - all that Candi scrunching, it takes a few layers to get a good bloom! Glue your circle (any size you fancy) and add candy  'petals' underneath up, build up by adding layers of scrunched Candi  and popping a couple of very scrunched bits between 'petals', after a couple of layers keep Candi as scrunched as possible to give some height to the middle of the bloom and some definition also.  Leave to dry for a couple of hours and if you wish to 'tweak' petals a little do so when completely dry. If you want, at this stage, you can add a  tiny dot of liquid pearls to the centre of each petal. Once created, use however you fancy on your creations or cards!!  

I have done 2 very simple cards with just one flower each,  have used stamped stems (not hydrangea 
stems really but ok!) with leaves and a vase, and double stamped and cut out one of each and  over laid for some height and definition on the card.

A sentiment, (I think the Tea Dance one goes great with Blossom download - so versatile), liquid pearls, some pretty pink string and all done,    Hope  you enjoy........

As you know, we love  your comments and to see what you do with our great products so please feel free to 'show off' and send us pics of your makes.  Monthly Challenge pics to Jo 
(,  Focus on You pics to Tina  ( and Candi pics to myself,

Don't forget that CWC are also on Pinterest,  a host of cards and creations to keep you entertained for 

hours on end..... be warned it is addictive and time flies when you're having fun!!
Have a great weekend, keep those pics rolling in - pics to me means Candi prizes!
Keep happy, smiling and crafting....

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